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Psycholinguistic analysis is a specialized branch of neuro marketing that has its theoretical foundations around 1920/30 but knows a huge development since about 1960, with the explosion of the brand and product communication sector. Psycholinguistics studies the categorization of individuals or, clusters of individuals, in value and character elements based on the type of words it uses to express itself.

To give an example, if the best known Sentiment Analysis is able to understand if we are talking well or badly about a certain topic or brand, Psycholinguistics is able to understand what kind of person is behind those statements and then create a segmentation of the whole public. This makes it possible to identify the correct language and message to relate to the target audience, thus improving the relationship.

In other words, psycholinguistic analysis adds a dimension to the analysis of web profiles: from “what we say and how we behave” to “who we are and how we behave”.

With our platform, psycholinguistics has recently “landed on the web”. We therefore believe it is significant to present our references not limited to those provided by our young platform but also to include the positive experiences of our experts in applying the methodology to traditional communication:

Agnesi, Air Europe, Armando Testa, ABI, ASL Varese, Bayer, Ballantine’s, Banca Popolare di Vicenza, Barilla, BGS D’Arcy, Bottega Verde, Break System, CEPU, Casale Monferrato, Conad, Deborah, Doria, Electrolux-Zanussi , Eurisko-GFK, Flou, Gavino Sanna & Associates, Giò Rossi Associati, Jefferson Smurfit Group, Henkel, IP, Italian Luxury Industries, Jakala, Janssen-Cilag, Jean Klebert, JW Thompson, La Nouvelle Bague, Lattebusche, Leo Burnett, Lintas , L’Oréal, McCann-Erickson, Milupa, Morris Parfums, Neos-MDR, Nestle, Parmalat, Partners for Growth, Pavesi, Pirella Goetch Lowe, Plasmon, Poste Italiane, Publigoods, RAI, Regione Piemonte, Ricoh, Robilant & Associati, RTI Mediaset, Samsung, Sergio Tacchini, Sant’Angelo, Sarah Lee, SIPRA, Sperlari, Star, Technogym, Technosystems, 3M, Trinity, Wella-Labocos, Wunderman Cato Johnson, VW Audi, Zuegg.


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